Thursday, February 23, 2006

Missing Person

Please help us to find this man!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lumpola, Buckingham. 04/02/06

Roachs have been redecorating, so we have been quiet for a month or so, but we finally scraped the last cockroach corpse off the PA system and had Lumpola pop-in to make sure we hadn't lost that unique sound. Featuring Natty on vocals and 3 different guitars.

01 Stagger (4.25mb)
02 New 01 (8.47mb)
03 Eggs Blood Fish (4.66mb)
04 New 02 (10.34mb)
05 New 03 (5.72mb)
06 The Forth Woman(2.57mb)
07 The Forth Woman 2 (3.97mb)
08 New 04 (7.05mb)
09 True (3.97mb)
10 Uplifting (5.85mb)
11 Finale (5.46mb)
My Veoh Show