Sunday, December 18, 2005

Lumpola - Rumbustious video, gLASSsHRIMP 14/12/05


In a small sweaty booth, somewhere in central London, the band Lumpola have found somewhere to play other than Roachs Online Review.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lumpola on gLASSsHRIMP, 14/12/15

Roachs would like to present the Lumpola tracks as performed on THE Resonance 104.4fm show gLASSsHRIMP. We hope to publish some video soon.

01 Stagger (3.16mb)
02 Uplifter (4.25mb)
03 True (3.15mb)
04 The Forth Woman (2.81mb)
05 Rumbustious (3.22mb)

Monday, December 12, 2005

Lumpola on gLASSsHRIMP, Resonance 104.4fm

Roachs would like to inform all of our regular visitors that Lumpola will be live and direct on Resonance 104.4fm on Wednesday 14th December from 5pm (gmt) as special guests on the gLASSsHRIMP show.

Dr Lumpola feat. Tramp Juice, Buckingham. 09/12/05

This image is not ours and we really appreciate you letting us use it - it is a freak!
With the main act not appearing we were left with a void - a disaster of a night here at Roachs Online Review until Lumpola (tonight called Dr Lumpola Featuring Tramp Juice) stepped up to the mike, below are some hi-lights.

01 Newer (9.91mb)
02 Stagger (3.94mb)
03 Uplifter (5.39mb)
04 True (3.84mb)
05 The Forth Woman (3.56mb)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lumpola, Buckingham. 26/11/05

Roachs Online Review has been a little slack of late - a by-product of too much good music! But fear not, whilst we will not have any new video for a week or so we do have the entire set from Lumpola on the 26 November. Mostly new material and strewn with errors it is certainly live and indirect.

01 Uplifting (5.89mb)
02 True (4.08mb)
03 Jam (Version 01) (10.45mb)
04 Jam (Featuring Gingeritis Bacon & Stevie Pie) (6.28mb)
05 Jam (Version 03) (7.68mb)
06 Jam (Version 04) (2.55mb)
07 Rumbustious (4.28mb)
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